Glass Interleavants


We have been supplying our interleavant powders to the world’s major glass companies since the early 1980s. Our brands, Colacryl® and Lucite®, are recognized globally for their outstanding quality and dependability. Our extensive product range covers float, specialty coated and laminated glass, and has been created using our extensive experience to provide the best choice and quality to our customers.

Float Glass Interleaving Powders

Float glass is the most used type of glass in the world today. Glass interleaving powders are coated onto glass sheets which prevents degradation in storage in humid environments.

In humid environments, there is increased risk of the glass surface pH increasing. Acid-modified interleavants are required to protect the glass. We offer both unmodified and acid modified interleavants with varying particle sizes, to suit environments with different humidities.

Grade Particle Size Adipic Acid Content
Lucite® 4Fi 55-66μ 0%
Colacryl® TS1588 80-105μ
Lucite® 47Gi 130-160μ
Colacryl® PBM 55-66μ 10%
Colacryl® TS2060 30%
Colacryl® TS1693 50%
Colacryl® TS2110 80-105μ 15%
Colacryl® TS1874 20%
Colacryl® TS1897 50%
Colacryl® TS2143 130-160μ 50%
Coated Glass Interleavants

As the global market demands more energy-efficient glass, coatings are becoming more widely used. Glass coatings feature either hard or soft finishings which require tailored interleavants to meet specific performance needs.

Colacryl® TS2050
Features a very tight particle size distribution to reduce damage to coating, designed for soft-coated glass such as low-energy or digital applications.

Lucite® 1192
An ultra-high molecular weight PMMA bead resin, ideal for hard-coated glass such as solar.

Interleavants for Speciality Applications

Alongside our portfolio of products for float glass, we offer a range of interleaving powder for specialty glass applications, including laminated and mirrored glass.

Colacryl® P2608
Our cross-linked polystyrene interleavant replaces the use of steel, wood or cork spacing bars in architectural lamination autoclaves. Our product has been tested extensively in autoclaves by Dupont as part of its laminated glass production process using the Butacite® range of PVB interlayers.

Colacryl® DA100P
Mirrored glass products require particular care in the selection of an interleavant, which must be acid free. In addition, the paint used on the back of the mirror must be adequately dried or cured before the interleavant polymer is applied, otherwise it will be lost in the coating and hence offer no protection. Our powder offers the best protection in this application, however, a relatively high dosage compared to a float line is required to ensure that the powder is more evenly distributed.


Brands with a proven track record

Our acrylic polymers are supplied in each region of the world, and our vertically integrated manufacturing chain assures security of supply. Because we manage the entire manufacturing process we are able to tightly control the characteristics of our products, such as particle size. Our interleavant powders been developed by working with major glass producers over many decades, and our experienced technical team enables us to meet specific customer needs.