Are you one of those people who always wanted to change the world?

Then you have found the right place. We love fresh minds and innovative ideas. Mitsubishi Chemical Group stands for science and technology supporing the sustainable well-being of people, society and our planet Earth. We call it KAITEKI.
With approximately 70,000 employees worldwide we are a major force in the chemical industry.

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What colleagues say


Nana Behrend

Malcolm Kidd

Miriam Hummel

I enjoy working with Mitsubishi Chemical Group as the working environment fits perfectly to what I have always been looking for. It is a mixture of cultures with a close link to Japan. In the office, people care about and support each other regardless of whether they are working together daily or not. As a sales manager I can act as a bridge between our European customers, our office and the head quarter in Japan which is challenging and exciting at the same time. Chemistry has two traditional meanings in English; firstly, the science of substances and secondly the emotional or psychological interaction between people or entities. The combination of these summarizes how I feel about chemistry and how we as Mitsubishi Chemical Group use our technical strengths to produce products that bring benefit to society and to our customers. I also fully believe that chemistry - along with other technologies - will be a major contributor to solving some of the issues facing the world today. At Mitsubishi Chemical Group I am valued as an employee and I feel comfortable in my working environment. We are continuously encouraged to challenge ourselves and to contribute our own ideas to develop innovative and sustainable products. Especially for me the flexibility to attend to family matters if necessary is very important.

Sales & Marketing Manager, Mitsubishi Chemical Europe

Vice President EMEA – Polymers & Compounds / MMA Business Group; Region Coordinator EMEA

Manager R&D Product Development, Mitsubishi Polyester Film


Thiemo Herbst

Stefan Schnippering

Hilde Devroe

I have been with the company for 8 years, starting in R&D, now being Intellectual Properties Manager. I like my job because by working on patents I can contribute to the innovative capital of the company and hence to KAITEKI. Personally, I also appreciate the many training and education opportunities my employer offers. That is both motivating and useful to boost my personal development for the future. What impressed me most when I joined Mitsubishi Chemical Group about one year ago is the broad range of markets it serves with their products. I very much enjoy working in a cross-cultural and cooperative environment for a company that is committed to invest in products that really bring benefits to the society and the environment. Mitsubishi Chemical Group has recognized my achievements and provided me a lot of opportunities to grow and steer my career. I appreciate the company culture that includes a good work-life balance and employee well-being.

Intellectual Properties Manager, Mitsubishi Polyester Film

Manager New Business Development, Mitsubishi Chemical Europe

Compliance & Regulatory Affairs Manager Europe


Gwenola Buquen

Beverly Nannini

Dagmar Klein

Mitsubishi Chemical Group always supported me and provided great opportunities to improve my management, coaching and leading skills. I feel satisfied when I can inspire the team and make progress in our projects. The fact that my colleagues trust me motivates me to go beyond my limits. At Mitsubishi Chemical Group, opportunities have been presented to me in the shape of new roles and responsibilities, and through networking with colleagues of diverse nature in culture, experience and perspectives. The compatibility of work and family has always been important to me in my professional life. I see this point becoming increasingly important in the now younger generation. In the polyester film group, we implemented a trust-based working hours model, providing significant flexibility to employees. As a company looking for young female and male talents, I believe Mitsubishi Chemical Group needs to take the next step and think what measures can be taken to support their employees and create an inclusive workplace.

Development Engineer at Mitsubishi Chemical Performance Polymers

Director, EMEA Carbon Fiber and Composites Business

Senior Manager Research & Development, Mitsubishi Polyester Film GmbH


Kerry Duncan

Lisa Weigand

The breadth of roles and the international nature of   Mitsubishi Chemical Group   has allowed me to develop in my career across several disciplines and work closely with colleagues from many different countries and cultures.  This has allowed me to experience the value that everyone can bring to the organization and what can be achieved when you bring all the different aspects together. Mitsubishi Chemical Group has provided me with opportunities to enhance my skills through online training courses and in-house training programs, allowing me to learn new abilities and further develop existing ones. With full responsibility for my projects right from the start, my role allows me to develop my own ideas and combine my love for innovation and technology with my passion for sustainability.  

EMEA Head of Business Solution Delivery

Advisor Circular Economy,  Mitsubishi Chemical Europe GmbH