Over the last eighty years we have established an outstanding reputation for supplying high-quality acrylic polymers to the international   dental market. Today, we have a comprehensive range of high performance acrylic polymers and are committed to continuously improving our products to meet future requirements.

Our close relationships with the world’s leading dental manufacturers, alongside academics specializing in cutting-edge orthodontics, allow us to continuously innovate. Using our knowledge of the sector, and understanding our customers’ needs, we continue to lead with products that deliver performance and dependability for our customers.

Heat-Cure Denture Polymers

A strong, reliable denture base is essential to support prosthetic teeth. Our range of denture base polymers has been designed to offer excellent handling properties and working time without compromising strength and durability. With precisely controlled particle size, our PMMA-based acrylic resins offer superior impact resistance, low residual monomer, outstanding aesthetics and no porosity.

Colacryl® D80FC
Fine, free-flowing polymer with low residual peroxide and high molecular weight which can be fast or slow cured.  
Colacryl® PD11SG
Offers outstanding performance and easy mixing, and has both faster dough and longer working times.
Colacryl® DP300
Features a higher particle size which allows longer doughing and working times.

All three polymer powders can be used with the same liquid (Colacryl® TS1547).

Auto-Polymerising Polymers

We also supply auto-polymerizing materials for denture repairs and relines, with a range of curing options. These provide a tough, durable bond with fast cure times and superb handling qualities.

Colacryl® D1-120
Offers a long pour time, fast cure time and high residual peroxide for use in relines and additions to existing dentures.  
Colacryl® TS2027
Used for repairs, relines and additions to existing dentures; produces a high clarity prosthesis and sets after a short curing cycle.
Colacryl® TS2073
Can be formulated with barbituric acid derivatives and co-catalysts to provide a low-yellowing system

All three polymer powders can be used with the same liquid (Colacryl® TS1504).

Acrylic Tooth Polymers

Our Colacryl® brand tooth polymers are characterized by close control of particle size, creating freeflowing microscopic acrylic beads which rapidly absorb dental liquids. All three polymer powders can be used with the same liquid (Colacryl® TS1503).

Colacryl® D150
A high molecular weight offers a combination of fast cure time with outstanding aesthetics and strength.
Colacryl® TS1890
Offers extended dough time with easy mixing properties and low residual peroxide.    
Colacryl® TS2198
Has an extra-fine particle size allowing faster absorption of liquid.
Polymers for Orthodontic Appliances

With medium to high molecular weights, and no porosity, our acrylics allow the manufacture of hardwearing dental prosthetics with perfect fit. A range of curing times and no slumping allows additional flexibility. Our orthodontic polymers have closely controlled particle sizes for both spray and dough techniques with fast curing times. They are designed for accurate powder flow and good clarity with excellent slump resistance and pigment compatibility. Both polymer powders can be used with the same liquid (Colacryl® TS1505).  

Colacryl® TS1672
Designed specifically for the manufacture of high-quality orthodontic appliances, with excellent slump resistance and liquid absorption.
Colacryl® TS1794/2
Excellent pigment acceptance, superior clarity and improved pile stability.

Computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM)

Colacryl® D150 is ideally suited for the manufacture of CAD/CAM disks, pucks and blocks.


Soft polymers for denture reline

Colacryl® TS1364/1 produces a tissue conditioning gel or temporary reline material for dentures with a life expectancy of a few weeks.


Ear molds

Colacryl® TS1742 can be used for the production of the earpieces in hearing aids, providing flexibility
and comfort for the user.


Temporary crown and bridge

Colacryl® TS2084 is designed for heat-cured restorative crowns and bridges.


Additive polymers

Colacryl® TS1697 and Colacryl® TS1352 improve the hardness and stain resistance of acrylic teeth.

Quality assured in all that we do

Close control of particle size, molecular weight and chemical composition combined with product traceability and compliance to the current REACH legislation, are all factors that contribute to the performance success of our Colacryl® and Lucite® polymers. We meet the rigorous standards of the quality management systems required by the European Medical Devices Directive and are currently registered to the design standard EN ISO 9001 and Regulatory Standard EN ISO 13485.